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The Coluber Order elite sketch by Kayju7
The Coluber Order elite sketch

These two are very old characters of mine.

They are two of The Coluber Order elite, Evoke and Virgil would have been working with them as a four.

Scarlet Valentine (she was once a Sonic fan character…
Lanly was once feamle but changed that (was once a Sonic fan character…)

Illusion family by Kayju7
Illusion family
Amber is now the Demonic Emperor as he overthrew this father Karnak because he could not see how the mortal and Astrals kingdoms had changed and had gone insane with power. His mother the Arch Mage Eshe Illusion still rules her forces for the Kingdom Of Girea. Serafin is the younger brother and is his always at his mother’s side and one day he will take over from her.
Arbiters by Kayju7

(in order left to right) Virgil, Evoke, May, Isaak, Gabriel, Hono-Ten, Max, Markus, Kain and Fearcat.


(this is still a work in progress, as I've changed a few things)

A bit of history

Three thousand years ago there was a great war simply named Void of Solar, during that time Markus, Max and Amber were all on the opposite sides. Max Evelyn one of the highest of Astrals, Duran Markus master vampire of the most bloody and Amber Illusion newly appointed Emperor. While on the battlefield a fight between Markus and Max was happening, this fight ending with Markus the winner and he into a vampire like himself, not realizing the demonic powers would not mix well with his astrals power.

As time past the Void of Solar War moved into legend in the eyes of mortals, yet the Coluber Order knew of the truth and kept it from the publics eye and hid all related stories.

7 years before creatures known as The Flux would come toe the living world two priests of the order named Virgil and Evoke, yet for the knowledge one would be punished so Evoke's partner was possessed by a fire demon. The Coluber Order exiled Evoke from them thinking he would being more demons. While he travelled he teamed with a cured child named May Thirteen and after 4 years the two meet up with Max Evelyn, now one of the most feared vampires to walk. Evoke told him that he should have been the savoury of the mortals but that fate had ended when he was turned.

The forgotten Emperor and father to both Amber & Serafin. Karnak had over time gone insane with his power and hate for all life. But there was a reason why Amber that taken this father’s place and that was he was great fool he could not see that times between the mortals, Astrals and Demons had changed but Karnak couldn’t see this so he summoned forbidden powers and called The Flux; creatures from the void of time and space, beings of non-life. The first days of this new war where lead by the Demons and Max Evelyn was at the frond he was losing his fight with The Flux so he called up forbidden dark Astral power. This use of power shattered his sword the Amega, With the sword splintered it’s divine power was released and so the balance shifted and Max was yet again changed he absorbed one of the void The Flux into his own soul which changed him into a Nellec, The Flux know him now by 'The white Flux'.

I have started moving onto it seems more busier over there plus it shows others that your livestreaming on & off, I have set up my streaming so I'll be doing that too.

I'll still upload on here but mostly it'll be on 
weasyl now.
redraw hostile by Kayju7
redraw hostile
I've wanted to redraw these two for ages and since I'm doing a large group pic I've used them from that.

I used this Redraw meme and here's the original Hostile 


Kayju7's Profile Picture
Alice Marshall
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
My name's Alice Marshall but please call me Kayju7
I'm a dyslexic Anthro artist so if there are any errors in my comments that is why thank you for your understanding.

I residence in Rutland, East Midlands - UK.

I draw Anthro characters and on the rare moment I try humans too, most of my inspiration comes from movies and music.


Tools I use: Wacom Cintiq 12wx, Adode Photoshop CS5, Autodesk Sketchbook 2011, PaintTool SAI, Corel Painter Essentials 3, Manga Studio 5 (still getting to know this one)

In the past I've mostly use DA for uploading artwork but I'm slowing moving on to others sites and I am now streaming most of my work, which you can find here
I have started moving onto it seems more busier over there plus it shows others that your livestreaming on & off, I have set up my streaming so I'll be doing that too.

I'll still upload on here but mostly it'll be on 
weasyl now.




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