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Alice Marshall
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
My name's Alice but please call me Kayju7
I'm a dyslexic Anthro artist so if there are any errors in my comments that is why thank you for your understanding.

I residence in Rutland, East Midlands - UK.

I draw Anthro characters and on the rare moment I try humans too, most of my inspiration comes from movies and music.


I'm new to taking commissions at the moment but pricing may change later on.

I will be taking three commissions at one time:

Slot availability:



Commissions completed
:iconkragithzedrok: - Rkar Kragith 'commission finished' by Kayju7 | :iconarthraax: - Arthraax 'Commission' by Kayju7


Tools I use: Wacom Cintiq Companion 1 512gb , Adode Photoshop CC
This is a good vid to watch if you're doing armature frames


May13 by Kayju7
It's been 7 months since I've drawn May so here he is XD

I might draw some other old characters so watch this space XD.
Right Is Wrong Challenge by Kayju7
Right Is Wrong Challenge
Quick Note, the "right" part doesn't mean right handed. It means what you consider the "right" hand to work with. Aka, dominant. Right is Wrong CHALLENGE by AssClownFish

Pony Max by Kayju7
Pony Max
Well I've been watching a lot of this series lately and I was curious to see if I could draw Max as a demon-pony XD
Max Evelyn character evolution 1998 - 2016 by Kayju7
Max Evelyn character evolution 1998 - 2016
This is like saying how I've changed over the years, because you don't just stay a child you have to grow.

UPDATE on this From Hedgehog to Wolf by Kayju7

1998 - 2004:
I'm a big Sonic fan at you can see XD, Max's first desgin was a white, red and black hedgehog.  His back story back then was that he was the Guardian for the black emerald that wasn't evil or good (balance) that is around his neck, Max had a family Amber (yep back then Amber was a woman lol)  and Spirit (daughter).
Sonic and his gang that awoke the dark emerald and it was Sonic that thought that because it was black it was evil, it was Kunckles that convinced him that this other hedgehog was on there side of somekind.
The main bad guy of this timeline was some guy called 'Hell Knight' {yeah ¬.¬ very original name} wasn't human it was a demon.


2004 - 2005:
still keeping the hedgehog look kind of, changed my style and yet the timeline from above was still used.


2005 - 2013:

This is an old story. (it's in the progess of being rewriten)
Crossfire: Bloodline
Chapter 1: Beginning
"Take her away" panted a weak voice "they must never meet".
"As you command" spoke the shadow that was in the room, the figure dressed in a dark cloak then picked up something small and held it close and walked out the dark room.
The first figure remained in the room; the room smelled strongly of blood, the figure looked down at his dead wife who was still holding a white baby boy wolf who was fast a sleep.
His wife had died shortly after giving birth the healer had tried everything they could to help her, he fell to his knees "Oh Laura I'm so sorry" the figure then cried lonely "please forgive me".
A week later the same figure was walking threw the palace grounds, the figure's appearance was mostly black wolf he did have red hair and his ears and tale had parches of red, at his side was Pharaoh Ulmo the King of Egypt.
"I hear you have a son, Xavier" spoke the Pharaoh.
"Yes your highness" Xavier looked over at the Pharaoh "he is my first born son, my wife died

also his design completely changed into a wolf and I made him into a vampire {lol vampire-wolf}

2015 - now: New Timeline

Max Evelyn was once one of the highest of Astral guards in the Aryain kingdom. During the ‘Solar Void war’ three thousand years ago. Duran Markus a master vampire a fight between Markus and Max at the time ended with Markus the winner and he turned Max into a vampire like himself, not realizing the demonic powers would not mix well with his astrals power, creating a being with both demon and astral power.

Max and Amber became lovers long before Amber Illusion overthrew his father Karnak and became the new appointed Emperor of the Demonic kingdom, the cover story for them when in the mortal realm is that Max is Amber bodyguard.

Creatures known as The Flux had come to the living and he had to shattered by a race of beings called simply The Flux, they live in the void between time and space. With the sword splintered it’s divine power was released and so the balance shifted.was transformed into Nellec.





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